Tips for tourists in Ohio:
1. STAY. AWAY. FROM. SPRINGFIELD. TOWNSHIP. This is basically the cespoo of Ohio. Unless you are crazy, like everyone else that lives in that weird place.
2. ..I suggest don’t go to Toledo.
3. If you have the courage to yell, ‘I LOVE MICHIGAN’ in a public area…You. Will. Be. Eaten. Alive. Unless you’re in Toledo.
4. When you hear someone yell, ‘O-H’, you yell ‘I-O’. Don’t ask questions. Just do it.
5. Don’t. Diss. OSU. You will also be eaten alive for that also. Again, unless you’re in Toledo .
6. In response to number one, stay away from Ellet too.
7. Our weather is crap and very unpredictable. Deal with it. I suggest bringing snow boots in the middle of summer and shorts in the dead of winter.
8. Only we can diss our state.